Sunday, August 03, 2008

Church in Pudong

I discovered a Protestant church in Pudong today, and its just across the road from my apartment! It's quite embarrassing that I've not noticed it before.

The Abdundant Grace International Fellowship (AGIF) is based in 455 Hongfeng Lu, Jinqiao and it serves the expatriate community in Pudong. The English service for foreign passport holders is at 3pm, while the Mandarin service is at 8:30am.

Walking into the church, I couldn't help noticing how large and packed it was. It's interesting to see how church services in China are always crowded. I was also very encouraged to hear that there are 10 Protestant congregations in Pudong, with numbers of over 1000 people each...praise God!

There was an Order of Service with a combination of hymns and modern worship songs. An interesting segment took place halfway when the pastor gathered all the children at the pulpit and taught them a song and a short text. I've never seen that before. I was also very blessed by an English pastor who preached on "Unity and Maturity" with the text taken from Ephesians 12 v 1 - 16. We were reminded of the need to love others, teach the Word and become more like Jesus. As always - very simple to hear, very hard to live up to. It's good that we live by Grace.

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