Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb: a poem by Joanna Yeoh 

Streaks of sunshine filter through dewy leaves
Spring tulips peek from grassy knolls
Sparrows peck at the crisp morning air
Stony paths weave around an ancient wine press

I stare at the Skull on a craggy rock
I see pedestrians bustling around Damascus Gate
On this busy road the cross was raised
To make examples of men depraved

On one such cross Jesus took a place
And bore the pain, the shame and disgrace
While the Father turned away His sorrow'd face
The willing Son died in my rightful place

They brought Him down as dusk descended
In a borrowed tomb He lay
At the entrance of that tomb I contemplated
His finished work, gave thanks and prayed

Then into the stony crypt I step't with joy
An empty tomb I knew I'd find
O celebrate! He lives, Enjoy
His righteousness, His shalom peace
That all who believe and confess; receive.

This poem was inspired by visit to Israel in the spring of 2012

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice Joanna!