Friday, September 26, 2008

Feeling the LURVE

Given the intense focus I've given to my career, it's not surprising that I spend most of my days and nights on emails, meetings and conference calls - even on my birthday. But this year's birthday has been very special. I *really* felt the lurrvvee!

Thanks to Facebook, the greetings and virtual gifts started arriving long before the actual day. Today started with a lovely call from my parents in Penang and Julie in the US. And then my teams at work sprang a bigger surprise. The Singapore team sent me a delightful Powerpoint presentation. Thanks girls - you definitely don't need any more training - it's perfect! ;-D

As part of the wrap-up of my stint in China, I'd planned to visit my Suzhou team today for a final coaching session. I was so touched when they presented me with a lovely bouquet of pink roses and a fresh cream cake at dinner. When you spend as much time as I do at work, it means so much to have colleagues cross the work boundary into my personal domain with such sincere affection. THANK YOU so much!

Aunty Jo Jo with Emma, Huang Ying, Mandy, Vicky and Lu Min @ Li Gong Di

Beautiful rose bouquet and delicious fresh cream cake from the Suzhou team

Aunty Jo Jo attacking her birthday cake... and Lu Min following suit

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