Friday, October 24, 2008


Julie and I visited the little town of Sonoma, which has great historical significance for the state of California. The town began with the Mission San Francisco Solano founded in 1823 by Father Josepth Altimira of Spain. This mission was the farthest north of all 21 California missions connected by a "Royal Road" called El Camino Real. In addition, it has a great little coffee place which does delicious cinammon buns :-)

The plaque at the base of the Bear Flag Monument reads:
This monument was erected to commemorate the raising of the Bear Flag on this spot June 14 1846 by the Bear Flag Party and their declaration of independece of California from Mexican rule on July 9 1846. The Bear Flag was hauled down and the American flag here raised in its place by Lt Joseph Revere who was sent to Sonoma from San Francisco.

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