Monday, August 17, 2009

Reconnecting @ home

Wow...I've been back in Asia for over a month and this is my first post on Journeys. It's been a whirlwind...

Aunty Jo-Jo with Miss Yeap, her former headmistress, and friends from Class of 1987

I've actually been blogging A LOT but the Back2BBGS blog has taken centre stage because of the mega reunion we staged at the Pavilion. The six-star mall now stands on the land where my school once stood. In order to erase the bitter memories of the wrecking ball, and to replace it with happy memories of a grand reunion, we staged a black-tie event on 4 August 2009. Which is why I returned home early from the US. It was a magical event - to see all my former teachers and classmates - in the pink of health. The event generated so much buzz that I was suffering from an adrenaline hangover for almost 2 days :-)

I also attended the wedding of Agnes Long & Desmond Lim - two of my favourite Management Trainees (MTs) from Genting days. Agnes worked for me in HR and Des was one of our Hotel stars. They've both just returned from a year's working stint in the UK. It was so good to catch up with the other MTs as well: Adrienne, Jennie, Shevaun and to hear about their successful careers. O how well I remember the day when they had to go through my "Malaysian Idol" version of Assessment Centres.

And last but not least, catching up with my beautiful twin god-daughters! They've grown so much taller since I last saw them and are hyper-chatty. They are happy to entertain anyone with impromptu concerts, be it ballet or musicals. No more Do-re-mi for these young ladies, they can both sing the Any Dream Will Do score from the Joseph musical. An evening spent in their company gives me enough endorphins to last for days...

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