Wednesday, December 08, 2010

How to make Moroccan mint tea

While out on an excursion to the Ourika Valley west of Marrakech, we stopped by a Berber home and were invited in to sample mint tea, fondly referred to as "Berber Whisky" in this land of Muslim teetotalers. The friendly matriarch of the family demonstrated how mint tea is made.

Step 1. Ensure all the ingredients and utensils are properly laid out: tea, sugar mint, sage, teapot, tiny cups and stove

Step 2. Take a handful of green tea and put it into the teapot. Fill it up with boiling water.

Step 3. Rinse out the green tea twice or thrice until the liquid runs clear. Note the first rinse is always clear so save it (strange but true!).

Step 4. Sort out a bunch of mint leaves and sage and put it into the pot of hot tea. Note that the sage should first be scalded with some hot water.

Step 5. Pretend to add 2 kgs of sugar into the tea to entertain tourists as this lady is doing :-), or simply add enough sugar to taste

Step 6. Once the tea has steeped sufficiently, pour out the tea into tiny glasses and serve.

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