Friday, February 11, 2011

Cal Mex @ Aunty Jo Jo's

My sister lives in California, and while it means I often miss Julie's company, it's a bummer because I miss her food too! She inherited all the Peranakan genes and is a superb cook. Which is why I'm so thrilled that she's back for a visit this Chinese New Year.

I wanted to make sure that my Singapore "family" also got a chance to savour Julie's cooking so the Chang family was invited to dinner tonight. To give the boys a taste of something different, Julie prepared a Cal-Mex meal of tacos and fajitas, with ingredients specially flown in from California. Judging by the way Justin licked the entire bowl of cheese sauce clean, I'd say dinner was a hit!

Jimmy, Jaclyn, Justin and Jared being treated to a home-cooked meal for the first time at Aunty Jo Jo's!

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