Monday, July 21, 2008

Beijing beckons

From the new airport to the Bird's Nest Stadium to electric buses - Beijing is scrubbed up and ready to go!

Setting foot in the Northern Capital two weeks before the Olympic Games, I am impressed.

Beijing comes across as a modern, confident metropolis that's ready to take on the world. The new airport shines like a new coin, while environmentally-friendly buses proudly ply the streets. However, the piece de resistance is clearly the National Stadium in ZhongGuanCun, which is fondly known as the "Bird's Nest". It's an amazing-looking building up close and photos don't do it justice.

The Olympic buzz is clearly in the air and I couldn't help humming along to the tune of One World, One Dream

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Julie said...

Hmmm... CNN was right then, Beijing is trying to portray a clean and friendly China to the world.
good for you!!. That's why your blog is so worth reading...A reality check for CNN!!