Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I joined a queue today...

...and since this is Singapore, it usually means there's good food at the end of the line. Err.. "good" by Singaporean standards that is. I was wandering along in Raffles City when I saw a group of teenagers squealing over an orange box.

It turns out that the orange box is the trademark of the Donut Factory - a "gourmet donut" brand which has a cult-following among squealing teenagers in Singapore. You can usually spot a branch by its long snaking queues. I've never really paid attention to this strange phenomenon but today, my curiosity got the better of me and I joined the queue. Fortunately, I caught a lull and there were only four people ahead of me ;-)

Ten minutes later, I stood in front of a delightful array of gourmet donuts and courageously chose the following:

  • Original with vanilla glaze
  • Dark chocolate with rasberry filling (2x)
  • White chocolate with strawberry filling
  • Dark chocolate with coffee mousse
  • Milk chocolate with roasted almonds

Verdict: They are VERY GOOD donuts! And I would happily join the queue again after the calories burn off in 5 years' time. My housemate & I felt so guilty after the indulgence, we went on a 4-km walk immediately after trashing the box - ha...ha...

What a great way to start the year - HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

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