Friday, August 17, 2007

Australia - Memories and Images

I have so many memories from the four years I lived in Australia - and even more photos! Here are some images that spring to mind whenever I think of my life Down Under.

Beautiful nightime view of Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House, taken from my friend Rene Bommer's apartment in Mc Mahon's Point

And in contrast, a sunrise view of Brisbane's Story Bridge taken from my apartment. I spent countless hours looking at that reflection off the water, contemplating life..

Noosa Beach on the Sunshine Coast was one of my favourite weekend retreats when living in Queensland. Especially one delightful weekend when I discovered the lifeguard training grounds ...heh...heh...

View of the amazing 75-mile Beach on Fraser Island, from a single-engine Cessna plane. I stayed at the Kingfisher Bay Resort gratis, thanks to my pal Jo Cabritit who worked there

Aunty Jo-Jo on her annual pilgrimage to the Floriade in Canberra. The sight of thousands of colourful flowers does indeed make one's heart sing for joy!

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